Type Lake
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Purelakers

The Purelake is an immense lake, the largest inland body of water in Roshar. It is located in the heart of the continent, in the land of the former Epoch Kingdom, Sela Tales.[1] The people of the Purelake are ethnically Selay, however, they refer to themselves as Purelakers.

The Purelake was life itself.



The Purelake is hundreds of miles wide with a glassy and perfectly transparent surface. At its deepest, it is never more than six feet from the bottom and, in most places, it is pleasantly warm: low-moving water comes up only to about mid-calf. It is filled with tiny fish, colorful cremlings, and eel-like riverspren.[1] The earth beneath it is occasionally rocky or uneven, but slowly walking across it is easy and commonly done.

According to Zahel, it is ridiculously shallow, like an endless bay, mere feet deep, the water warm, lulled by calm breezes.[2]

The Purelake drains into pits and holes during highstorms. Purelakers are able to take shelter in crevices between ridges of stone during the storms, which are weaker than they are in the east.


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