The History of Man

The History of Man, or eras in Roshar, have been defined by five major historical events.

The ExpulsionEdit

The loss of the Tranquiline HallsEdit

The DesolationsEdit

War Against the VoidbringersEdit


The Last Desolation, Defeat of the VoidbringersEdit

The RecreanceEdit

The Fall of the Knights RadiantEdit

See: The Day of Recreance.

The HierocracyEdit

The Failure of VorinismEdit

It is also called the War of Loss.[1] During this time period, the Ardents attempted to conquer the world and control the people, "for their own good."

Priests controlled what people learned, what religious paths they followed, and the overall doctrine. The priests claimed to see visions and prophesy, and claimed that the common people could not understand theology.

They were taught to follow the priests. Not the Almighty or the Heralds, but the priests.


These priests were eventually cast down by the Sunmaker.


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