The Hierocracy, or the War of Loss, is considered to be the failure of Vorinism.[1]

During this time period, the church tried to seize control; the priests tried to conquer the world - for its own good, they claimed. But the problem went much deeper. Back then, the church clung to knowledge. Men were not in command of their own religious paths; the priests controlled the doctrine, and few members of the church were allowed to know theology. They were taught to follow the priests. Not the Almighty or the Heralds, but the priests.[1]

According to Kadash, the problem was mysticism. The priests claimed that common men could not understand religion or the Almighty. Where there should have been openness, there was smoke and whispers. The priests began to claim visions and prophecies, though such things had been denounced by the Heralds themselves.[1]

When the priests of the Hierocracy were cast down, the Sunmaker made a point of interrogating them and going through their correspondences with one another. It was discovered that there had been no prophecies. No mystical promises from the Almighty, which had all been an excuse, fabricated by the priests to placate and control the people.[1]


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