The Archer
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Soldier
Appears in Oathbringer

The archer (of thirty-four years ago) who fires a black blur - which turns out to be an arrow with a long, thick shaft - that hits Dalinar in his right shoulder with the force of a roundhouse kick, straight through his chain mail, is immediately sought out by Dalinar, who is impressed with man's prowess at having made his shot from over three hundred yards.[1]

The next arrow fired by the archer lands a mere foot from Dalinar, who had jumped out of the way.[1]

Yet another arrow is dodged by Dalinar as he seizes the reins of his horse.[1]

Once Dalinar bursts on top of the ridge where the archer is located, still another arrow slams into his left breast, going straight through the breastplate near the shoulder, nearly throwing him from the saddle.[1]

The archer, still a distant figure to Dalinar, stands upon a rocky knob and launches another arrow. And another. Dalinar is impressed with just how quick he is.[1]

Finally, the archer grows alarmed, and leaps from his perch to flee. Dalinar sends him sprawling with a kick to his back.[1]

Seizing the archer, Dalinar responds ...

"You waited until my helm was off," Dalinar demanded. "You are an assassin. You were set here specifically to kill me."[1]

The archer winces, then nods, and Dalinar reacts with enthusiasm, asking the archer to make the shot again, but on a corpse down below, similarly three to four hundred yards distant. So, having surveyed the area with a spyglass off his belt, the archer selects a corpse, then fires a single, black-fletched arrow, which flows true, sticking into the chosen corpse.[1]

Dalinar then welcomes the man to his elites, yet the man protests, indicating that he'd just tried to kill Dalinar, to which Dalinar replies ...

"Yes, from a distance. Which shows remarkably good judgment. I can make use of someone with your skills."

–Dalinar to the archer[1]

The archer responds that they're enemies, yet Dalinar replies that they're all allies now, his forces having defeated their opponent.[1]

Further, Dalinar tells him that he can respect it if the archer would rather be killed than join his forces. Alternatively, he offers the archer his price to join. When the archer names the life of his Brightlord Yezriar, Dalinar looks to Thakka to confirm that Yezriar is the fellow he just killed ... which the Captain of his elites confirms.[1]

The archer asks Dalinar if he couldn't have instead captured his lord, to which Dalinar replies in the negative. Still, Dalinar asks the archer to join him, stating that his soldiers won't pillage the town in exchange for his doing so.[1]

Later, the sullen archer is seen by Dalinar to be on a horse with one of the other men.[1]


The archer is a man in his twenties who wears rugged clothing, and has arms and shoulders that look like they could have lifted a chull.[1]

He has a blue tattoo on his cheek.[1]


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