Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Thaylens

Thaylenah is an island nation separated from the Roshar mainland by Longbrows Straits. Thaylen people are renowned tradesman, merchants and sailors.


Fashion thaylen

Folio: Contemporary Thaylen Female Fashion
Artwork by Dan dos Santos[1]

Thaylen men have stark white beards and long white eyebrows,[2] regardless of their age or the color of their hair. Their eyebrows grow very long and are sometimes worn tucked back behind their ears.[3] Tozbek (the captain of the Wind's Pleasure on which Shallan took passage), wore his in a spikey fan pattern above his eyes.[4] Thaylen women's eyebrows are also long; the wife of the book merchant, Artmyrn, that Shallan visits, curls hers to hang down the side of her face like bangs.[5]

Traditional merchant clothing consists of flat-topped conical caps, and vests.[2] Starched robes used to be more popular several years ago.[6]

The inscription on the image to the left reads as follows: "This folio page targets the Thaylen merchant class with styles heavily influenced by the fashion worn by the nobles of Queen F'en Rnamdi's court."[1]


Kaladin refers to the Thaylen accent as sounding like mumbling, and Shallan - in thinking of the Thaylen language - says that they are "mashing letters together without proper vowels."[4]


The dominant cultural tradition in Thaylenah is Alethi Vorinism. Thaylen women cover their safehands, though more of them wear gloves for practicality or to keep up appearances.[6]


According to Rock and Dalinar, the kingdom of Thaylenah has five Shardblades and three full suits of Shardplate.[7]


Thaylen bread is fluffy and brown and is referenced often in The Way of Kings. It plays a large role in ardent Kabsal's interactions with Shallan.[8]

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