The Ten Fools are invoked for all manner of foolish action. Ten is a number of mythological and symmetrical import on Roshar. The Ten Fools are, essentially, the opposites of the Ten Heralds, each of whom represents an ideal.[1]

The Ten Fools
Cabine Acts like a child though he is an adult.[2]
Eshu Speaks of things he does not understand in front of those who do.[3]


"We must have seemed of the ten fools, charging away like that. I do wish you’d given me more notice to prepare your honor guard. This is a war zone."

Dalinar to Elhokar, after racing to the top of a rock formation.[4]

"I apologize for wasting your time, Brightlord. You are correct; this is akin to the ten fools."

Teleb, failing to pull through on his lighter bridges concept.[5]

Kal leaned back, breathing in and out. He felt like one of the ten fools - specifically Cabine, who acted like a child though he was adult.

Kaladin, when he is sent to the kitchens as his father speaks to Roshone.[2]

"That was before I saw him rescue Sadeas. Every time I start to forget how amazing my father is, he does something to prove me one of the ten fools."

Adolin Kholin, speaking about misjudging his father.[6]

"They’ll see me dead, like my father. Sometimes I do wonder if we’re chasing after the ten fools here. The assassin in white - he was Shin."

–King Elhokar, agreeing with Dalinar, doubting their current strategy in the Shattered Plains.[6]

"They’re worthless, you know," Sadeas said. "You’re of the ten fools, Dalinar Kholin! Don’t you see how mad you are? This will be remembered as the most ridiculous decision ever made by an Alethi highprince!"

Sadeas, commenting following the deal trading the bridgmen for the Shardblade.[7]


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