Ten is a number of pervasive significance on Roshar. Below is a list of important connections to the number ten found in the The Stormlight Archive.

  • Brandon has spoken about something he called "Honor's Purposes," and how they are the reason that ten is such a holy and dominant number, likely meaning that Honor had ten of them. He has also heavily implied that Odium, if he has similar Purposes, does not have ten of them.[1]
  • The ten Heralds and their opposites, the ten Fools, represent Ideals. (The Heralds are also represented by the ten facets of the divine prism in Vorin teachings.)[2]
  • The ten orders of Knights Radiant are based on the Ideals represented by the Heralds.
  • The ten Surges.
  • The ten Ideals and the ten Essences.
  • The ten gemstones (or Polestones) and ten fundamental glyphs, all of which are ingrained in Roshar's culture, calendar, currency, etc..
  • The ten months of which a year is comprised.
  • The ten human failings, along with the ten divine attributes, are teachings of Vorinism.[3]
  • Oaths were made on the " ... tenth name of the Almighty,"[4] and " ... the Almighty's tenth name itself ... ."[5]
  • The ten Silver Kingdoms.[2]
  • The ten Alethi Princedoms, ten Alethi Highprinces and, subsequently, ten warcamps during the War of Reckoning.
  • The Oathgate leading to Urithiru was a fabrial built from ten gems.[6]
  • The ten deaths.[7]
  • The ten heartbeats it takes for a Shardbearer to summon a Shardblade.
  • The ten spheres which seem to infuse Shardplate.
  • Also of note is that during Kaladin's 'trip' to the Shattered Plains, there were ten slaves to a cart and he made ten attempts at escape.[citation needed]

Many of the above are listed in the Ars Arcanum.


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