Biographical information
Ethnicity Selan
Nationality Duladelan
Gender Male
Status Alive
Abilities Worldhopper, AonDor
Physical Description
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Social Information
Aliases Temoo, Grump
Occupation Farmer, Elantrian,
The Seventeenth Shard (affiliated)
Appears in Elantris, The Way of Kings

Temoo is one of three men who traveled to the Purelake to ask Ishikk's help in locating Hoid. He gives the name Temoo, but has been nicknamed "Grump" by Ishikk.[1]

His traveling companions are Vao and Thinker, yet their allegiances and motivations for their search remain unknown.

His final question and comment after their departure:

Where are you Roamer? What a fool's quest this is.[1]

(One can infer that the foreigners have nicknamed Hoid "Roamer" due to his activities involving Worldhopping.)

He has been identified as Galladon from Duladel, a reference to Elantris.[2]


Temoo is described as dark-skinned[3] - not unlike a Makabaki, most of whom were small and fine-boned - yet with thick limbs and a completely bald head.[1]


There is something innately likeable about Galladon, something that Raoden (of Elantris) has expressed. Galladon takes his time. Everything he does is performed with an air of utter precision. However, he is pessimistic, an eternal skeptic. He sees a taint on everything, like the sludge of Elantris. He was almost glad when the Shaod took him.[4]

He seems a well of knowledge at times, but in other areas he is completely ignorant - and totally unconcerned by that fact. He takes everything in stride, but complains about it at the same time.[5]


Galladon's father was an Elantrian. He lived with him until he was old enough to move away. He always thought it was wrong for a Dula to live in Arelon, away from his people and his family. Galladon left his father a poor, lonely god in a divine city, who died about a year after he left.[6]

He identified himself as a farmer and an orchard keeper in his life prior to that of an Elantrian. He stated therein that he sold his fields and bought an apple farm because it would be easier to farm apples than wheat. However, he didn't fit in Duladel, no matter how much he enjoyed his farming.[7]

Belief SystemEdit

Galladon expressed that he'd initially been taught that one took one's time. Everything he did was performed with an air of utter precision. He also expressed that he gained knowledge from his conversations with others. Additionally, he has gained knowledge from books which he has read.[8]

He also believed that he deserved the city of Elantris, and that it deserved him. He guessed that the Dor had decided to give him the Elantrian curse.[9]

Further, Galladon believes that it takes a fine sense of pessimism to brood with any sort of respectability.[10]


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