The Nature of SprenEdit

There is some suggestion that spren can change type. Syl seems to have started out as a Windspren, and later she decides she is an Honorspren, and she might have been a Bindspren somewhere in between. Thoughts?

I don't think Spren can change types, as far as I'm concerned Syl was always an honourspren, Kaladin thought she was a windspren, and she couldn't really remember what she was. That's my understanding.

My understanding is that Kaladin assumed she was windspren, when she has always been honorspren.

-Agreed, Syl even said she was unable to remember what type of spren she was until near the end of the book, when she revealed she was an honorspren. Also, please sign your posts in Discussion pages.MattG987 15:14, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

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