Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Dead
Social Information
Title(s) King of Alethkar
Occupation King
Appears in The Way of Kings (mentioned),
Oathbringer (mentioned)

Sunmaker was the last Alethi king before Gavilar to unite the highprinces.[1] He began his quest to do so at the age of seventeen,[2] and was responsible for casting down the Hierocracy.[3] He inspired Gavilar, who revered him.[4]


All Alethi people are his descendants. All houses, all ten princedoms. Their founders were his sons.[4]

Signs of his touch remain in Alethkar, but his empire didn't last even a single generation past his death.[4]

"Leaves me wondering what was wrong with his vision, his planning, that his great empire broke apart so quickly."

–Gavilar to Toh[4]

Sunmaker hadn't worn a crown.[5]


"All wars are games. The greatest kind, with the pieces lost real lives, the prizes captured making for real wealth! This is the life for which men exist. To fight, to kill, to win."



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