Stormwardens are male scholars who make most people of the Vorin faith uncomfortable.[1] They study highstorms and learn to predict them.[2] They also predict the cycle of seasons which are irregular on Roshar.[3]

Their profession is regarded with superstition by those who think they "seek to predict the future"[2] which is against Vorin teachings. It also involves many arts which are commonly regarded as womanly arts in Vorinism like mathematics and writing. Stormwardens are turning glyphs into a full script.[1]

Stormwardens in Kholinar and Vedenar have proven that plants given storm water did better than those given lake or river water, due to high concentration of nutrients in it.[4]

According to Navani, stormwardens whisper that the highstorms are growing more powerful.[5] However, she remains uncertain as to just what she thinks about stormwardens. She thinks they spend too much time talking about numerology and reading the winds. Further, she thinks that they call it a science in an attempt to dodge Vorin prohibitions of predicting the future. However, she does acknowledge that they have offered some useful wisdom on occasion.[6]

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