Map stormseat

Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Type City
Location Shattered Plains, Roshar
Inhabitants Parshendi

Stormseat was the capital of Natanatan. It was destroyed during Aharietiam, or the Last Desolation, but this occurred so long ago that nobody talks about just how it happened. Something more terrible than a fire or an earthquake broke the city - shattered it, literally.[1] The ruins of the city are at the center of the Shattered Plains in the Frostlands. It is still connected by Oathgate to Urithiru, and has the only known functioning Oathgate on-world.[1][2]

To the Listeners, it is known as Narak and it is from here that they have based their attacks on the Alethi in the battle for gemhearts.[2]


The antique map of Stormseat, the copy of the original mosaic, has artistic stylings instead of specific indications of things like distance and location.[1]


Scholars rejected the idea that Stormseat was on the Shattered Plains. They said that the craters of the warcamps didn't match the descriptions of the city. Instead, they proposed that the ruins must've been hidden up in the highlands - where Pattern indicated to Shallan that they existed - but Jasnah disagreed with said scholars. Jasnah pointed out that few of the scholars had actually been to the Shattered Plains, and that the area had been poorly explored. Shallan agreed with Jasnah, indicating that Stormseat wasn't a large city ... that it might've been a satellite city of some sort.[1]


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