Stormlight Archive Wiki

The Stormlight Archive Wiki aims to be the most complete source of information available to fans, thus all verifiable and relevant information is welcome. However, it is courteous to let readers - or people who are currently reading the novels - not to have plot twists and other information spoiled for them.

To speak of what might be is forbidden.[1]

What are Spoilers?[]

Given the vast amount of information that surrounds the world of Stormlight Archive and the universe it is in, we have broken out the types of spoilers into two categories:

Book Spoilers[]

These are the typical spoilers that most people will encounter, and are simply denoted by including a {{Spoilers}} or {{BookSpoilers}} tag. These are things that are revealed from within the books themselves. Examples would be if character A is killed by character B in an important plot point, to keep the details of the killing under a spoiler tag

World Spoilers[]

These are things that have been revealed through other means other than through reading the Stormlight Archive books. They are denoted by a {{WorldSpoilers}} tag. Examples would be people deciphering the text written in another language within the book art, or information given in interviews outside of the books. The rule of thumb is if the information has been found inside a book, it is a book spoiler. If not, it is a World Spoiler.


There are some general rules that apply across the board:

  1. Spoiler information must not be contained within the first introductory paragraphs.
  2. Spoiler information must be proceeded by the correct spoiler tag.
  3. Spoiler details must be kept out of the titles of pages and comments.