Kaladin Stormblessed

Kaladin Stormblessed
Painting by Chillalord[1]

Stormlight is a radiant energy given off by highstorms that can be stored in gemstones and then later used by Surgebinders. Stormlight is a source of light and power and is used to power the technology of Roshar. Gemstones are much better at holding Stormlight than other objects because the light can remain within them for weeks. Usually, those gemstones kept in spheres (the currency on Roshar), can be infused with Stormlight by leaving them outside during a highstorm. Infused spheres can also be obtained from money exchangers. Stormlight leaks quickly when held by a Surgebinder or infused into an object other than a gemstone, though persons can slow the leakage by holding their breath (which they can do for an extended time while holding the light). It is theorized that Voidbringers can hold Stormlight perfectly.

Stormlight also has the power to heal, though Stormlight healing is far from instantaneous.[1]


Stormlight is used by all Surgebinders to perform certain feats, which are akin to those performed by the Knights Radiant, which had ten Orders. Each Order possessed different abilities. However, Stormlight can be used by any Surgebinder to increase battle reflexes, reactivity, speed, and strength.

Stormlight can be used by Elsecallers to Soulcast.[2]

Stormlight can be used by Windrunners to perform the three types of Lashings (Basic, Full, and Reverse).[3]

Stormlight can be used by Lightweavers to create illusions with light.

There is no toxic level for Stormlight; when one is in a storm, one cannot get to the point where one has too much.[4]

Known SurgebindersEdit

  • Szeth frequently used Stormlight as a tool during his assassinations to kill his victims. But his powers, unlike those of others, did not come from a bond with any spren. It had come simply from wielding an Honorblade.
  • Lift visited the Nightwatcher and received a direct physical connection with Shadesmar, allowing her to physically interact with spren and metabolize food into Stormlight. She is an Edgedancer and her bond is with Wyndle.[9]

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. Why can Stormlight heal Lopen's arm, but can't heal Kaladin's scars?

A. Because a lot of the healing in the cosmere works on principles of expectation and how you envision yourself.

Q. So Kaladin has accepted the scars.

A. And Lopen never accepted the one arm. It's one of these ties when I built the magic systems that I wanted certain threads to run through them, so when I eventually have them being used in the same books, there will be consistency among them, so they won't feel like everything's just thrown together. So, the intention and expectation, for instance, in Warbreaker. What you want to have happen, the expectation, the way you are thinking about things, all that influences what actually happens. Very important for most of the cosmere magics.[14]


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