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Stormform is said to cause a tempest of winds and showers,
Beware its powers, beware its powers.
Though its coming brings the gods their night,
It obliges a bloodred spren. Beware its end, beware its end.

–From the Listener Song of Winds, 4th stanza[1]

"I remember the song that speaks of this form," Eshonai said. "It was a thing of the gods."[2]


Stormform Singer
Fan art by Caio Santos[1]

This form does not cause the normal Parshendi skin marbling to change. However, the eyes of a stormform Parshendi are red, harkening to legends of Voidbringers. It's a slighter form than warform. However, there are small, hard ridges along the skin of the extremities and the skin looks pulled tight in places. Tiny lines of red spark around their arms, blinking and shaking, like lightning.[3] While not fully armored, the form's chitin is durable.[4]


Senses are heightened in this form. Aggression and narcissism are also side effects of this form.[citation needed]

The chitin plating under one's skin is far less bulky than that of warform, but at the same time nearly as effective. The mask of chitin armor beneath one's face is able to deflect weapons.[4]


Parshendi bond with captured stormspren, releasing and bonding with them during a highstorm, singing the song of stormform.[citation needed]


"Enough people of that form," Venli said, "could control a highstorm, or even summon one."[2]

Some of the Listeners who took stormform were taken by the Fused for new bodies, and it's entirely possible that most of them were used for that purpose. Venli, at least, doesn't know what else happened to any of them, and she's been told that she's the last of the Listeners.[citation needed]


This form gives Venli's hands a powerful grip, allowing her to hang hundreds of feet in the air, yet never fearing that she would fall.[4]

Stormforms are also capable of channeling the red lightning of the Everstorm, however they are not capable of directly controlling it and the lightning will flow to the path of highest conductance like normal lightning. Despite its appearance, this lightning is still normal electricity as it is capable of reversing the polarity of a magnet when channeled correctly.[citation needed]

Stormforms also gained access to the Song of Storms, which summoned the Everstorm when all of the singers joined in.[citation needed]