Biographical information
Race Spren
Ethnicity Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Nahel bonding, affording Surgebinding
Social Information
Title(s) Ashspren
Occupation Dustbringerspren
Appears in Oathbringer

Spark is Malata's spren,[1] and has been identified as an ashspren.[2] Through their bond, Spark affords Malata with the Surges of Division and Abrasion.


Spark has not yet been seen.[1]


Taravangian states that, with regard to Spark, he and Malata need to be cautious because they can't be certain as to what Spark will do as her self-awareness grows. He says that she will surely dislike working against the other orders of Knights Radiant.[2]

Malata responds that Spark is fine with what they are doing. That she is game for whatever it takes to get vengeance for how organized devotion to Honor killed hundreds of ashspren. And to whatever lets her break stuff.[2]


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