The Sons of Honor are a group of individuals who seek to return the Heralds to Roshar. Seemingly, the organization's goals are in opposition to those of the Ghostbloods, with whom they are concurrently in competition. They have a similar origin as those followers of the Diagram, but a different agenda.[1] The Sons' leader seems to be Brightlord Restares.


  • Meridas Amaram - An Alethi Brightlord.[2]
  • Restares - An Alethi Brightlord responsible for suggesting Amaram steal the Shardplate and Shardblade won by Kaladin in killing Helaran.[3] As King Gavilar Kholin was dying, he thought that Restares might have been responsible for his assassination, after he'd guessed that it was Thaidakar, who is later shown to be linked to the Ghostbloods. However, to Gavilar's confusion, it turns out that his then allies, the Parshendi, were responsible.[4] This suggests that, in spite of the antagonistic relationship between the Sons of Honor and the Ghostbloods, they both had contrary goals to those of Gavilar.


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