Biographical information
Race Unmade
Gender Female
Status Alive
Social Information
Aliases The Taker of Secrets
Appears in Words of Radiance (mentioned), Oathbringer

Sja-anat is one of the Unmade, a mysterious group of odious spren on Roshar. Also known as The Taker of Secrets, once she touches another spren, that spren acts strangely; it doesn't act like it should.[1]


She appears as a jet-black shadow of a person, only with white spots for eyes.[2][3]


Sja-anat has a spy, a spren which appears as a shadowy face with red eyes which swims through the water of the Purelake like a fish. Apparently, it is unable to go far without a carrier, so it brings an escort ... a larger spren which reforms itself into a female knight with a Shardblade in her hands.[1]


After Shallan (as Veil) was stabbed in the Kholinar palace, from a mirror rimmed in a fancy bronze frame, she glimpsed a guard with Lyn thrown over his shoulder. Beyond that, deeper within the mirror, she saw something turn and look toward her with a sudden and surprised motion. She then quickly closed her peeking eye.[2]

Later, Shallan heard Sja-anat's voice speaking to her shortly after she entered the revel atop the Oathgate platform in Kholinar amidst the members of the Cult of Moments.[4]

Let go.

Give up your pain.

Feast. Indulge.

Embrace the end.[4]

Sja-anat encourages Shallan to ...


Get something to drink.

Join the revel.[4]

Then, Sja-anat insists that she's not Shallan's enemy, but that the heart (who's voice Shallan has also just heard) is a trap.[4]

After the fall of Kholinar and while within the Oathgate control building, Shallan walks toward the keyhole control device summoning Pattern as a Blade. She studies him, then looks up at herself in one of the mirrors hanging on the wall.[3]

She sees that someone else stands within it: a woman with black hair that falls to her waist, wearing archaic clothing; a sleeveless, flowing gown that is more of a tunic, with a simple belted waist. Shallan touches her face and wonders why she'd put this illusion on. The reflection doesn't mimic her motions though, but presses forward, raising hands against the glass. The reflected room then fades and the figure distorts, becoming a jet-black shadow with white holes for eyes.[3]

"Radiant," the thing said, mouthing the words. "My name is Sja-anat. And I am not your enemy."[3]

Shallan regards the figure in the mirror, noting that it had spoken, and asks it what it is. The figure says that it is called The Taker of Secrets, or that it once was ... to which Shallan replies that it is one of the Unmade, and her people's enemy.[3]

"We were made, then unmade," she agreed. "But no, not an enemy!" The figure turned humanlike again, though the eyes remained glowing white. It pressed its hands against the glass. "Ask my son. Please."[3]*

Shallan then insists that Sja-anat is of Odium, to which the Unmade replies ...

The figure glanced to the sides, as if frightened. "No. I am of me. Now, only of me." Shallan considered, then looked at the keyhole. By using Pattern in that, she could initiate the Oathgate. "Don't do it, Sja-anat pled. Listen, Radiant. Listen to my plea. Ashertmarn fled on purpose. It is a trap. I was compelled to touch the spren of this device, so it will not function as you wish."[3]

Sja-anat then assists in the transportation of Shallan, Adolin, Kaladin, and Azure to Shadesmar, rather than someplace more dangerous, due to the Oathgate's corruption; Sja-anat was able to make the transportation safer with her touch on her own corrupted spren therein.[5]


Brandon has confirmed that the Unmade are Splinters of Odium.[6] Odium splintered himself and created the Unmade to be his influence on Roshar. It is through the Unmade that Odium may be able to influence people in how they think or act.[7]


*Readers have surmised that Sja-anat's son is likely Renarin's spren, Glys.


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