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Roshar: Silver Kingdoms Epoch
Map by Isaac Stewart

The Silver Kingdoms were a coalition of ten kingdoms during the Heraldic Epochs that spanned the entirety of the continent of Roshar. The kingdoms centered around the city of Urithiru, seat of its ten kings with a throne for each.[1] The ancient city of Stormseat contained a "path" to Urithiru. Ten of these paths (i.e., Oathgates) once connected each of the ten capitals of the Epoch Kingdoms to Urithiru.[2]

During the Era of Solitude, these kingdoms crumbled and faded, in some cases breaking into smaller kingdoms.


The original names for the ten Silver Kingdoms are all phonetic palindromes.[3] The kingdoms and their modern descendants are:


Aimia retains the same borders and name in the modern era, though the people have recently suffered from genocide.


Alethela suffered a terrible Desolation during the time of King Nohadon, losing its best men, with barely a family left that hadn't lost half its members.[4] Alethela became part of the Silver Kingdoms sometime after that.

Alethela was the kingdom dedicated to the arts of war and home to the Knights Radiant.[5]

During the Era of Solitude, Alethela became the kingdom of Alethkar, and its borders remain much the same as they were during the Heraldic Epochs, with the exception of the northern Unclaimed Hills and the Origin Coast, likely abandoned over time due to the highstorms.


Iri, like Aimia, retains the same borders and name in the modern era, with the exception of Rira, now a separate kingdom occupying the southern lands extending into the Reshi Sea.


Natanatan is still often referred to as a kingdom, but in reality the kingdom dissolved long ago, and all that remains are a few independent cities such as New Natanan. The Alethi have a significant presence in the northern reaches of the former kingdom, as King Elhokar and all ten highprinces battle the Parshendi (who are not ethnically Natanatan) on the Shattered Plains.


Makabakam has split into a number of smaller nations - including Alm, Azir, Desh, Emul, Greater Hexi, Liafor, Marat, Steen, Tashikk, Triax, Tu Fallia, Tukar, and Yezier - all connected by the Makabaki ethnicity.


Rishir remains with those of Reshi ethnicity, though they are largely confined to the Reshi Isles. The mainland territory of Rishir has become divided between Alethkar, Jah Keved, and the kingdom of Herdaz.

Sela Tales[]

Sela Tales has been divided into three kingdoms - Babatharnam, Marabethia, and Yulay, with a fourth - Tu Bayla - being comprised of lands from Sela Tales and Valhav. All four kingdoms border the Purelake. Sela Tales once contained the Purelake almost completely within its borders. The people of the Purelake are ethnically Selay, however, they refer to themselves as Purelakers.[6]

Shin Kak Nish[]

Shin Kak Nish has become Shinovar, retaining the same borders and also presumably the same ethnicity.


Thalath has been reduced to its largest island, now the kingdom of Thaylenah. The mainland territory of Thalath includes the location of Kharbranth, but most of it is part of what is now called the Frostlands, an area which stretches across former territory of Natanatan to the Origin Coast.


Valhav had similar borders to Jah Keved though the northwestern portion of the kingdom, bordering the Purelake, Marabethia, and the Reshi Sea has become part of Tu Bayla, and Jah Keved has expanded the borders northward to claim lands bordering the sea that were once a part of Rishir.