Stormlight Archives Sigzil

Fan art by BotanicaXu[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Azish
Nationality Azish
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Social Information
Title(s) Lieutenant
Occupation Worldsinger, Bridgeman
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Sigzil is an Azish bridgeman and a member of Bridge Four. He was formerly apprenticed to Hoid and has prior military experience, likely as a sergeant. He is also a Worldsinger.[1]

Sigzil is an educated man, though his education was never completed.[2]


Sigzil is a short man, with deep brown skin - not true black, like that of some parshmen. He has thick, dark hair that falls around his shoulders. He is one of the only bridgemen who'd bothered with shaving.[2]


At first, Sigzil was a quiet man who tended to keep to himself, resisting Kaladin's efforts to help Bridge Four, thinking that Kaladin was lying to the men. He had a formal way of speaking, with barely a hint of an accent. Eventually, he came to see that a false hope made the men happy.[2]

"What you do is like giving medicine to a sick man to ease his pain until he dies. Now these men can spend their last days in laughter. You are a healer indeed, Kaladin Stormblessed."

–Sigzil to Kaladin[2]

Later, he shows himself to be inquisitive and loyal, caring greatly for his friends, and especially Kaladin.


Sigzil was formerly apprenticed to Hoid. During that time he tried to kill someone - wanted to kill someone - but failed to do so. He'd thought for certain that he'd succeeded and later realized that it wasn't the wisest choice he'd made. When asked by Kaladin whether it was his master (i.e., Hoid) that Sigzil had tried to kill, Sigzil replied that it was not.[2]

Sigzil once visited Babatharnam with his master, where he was thrown in prison three times. His master was quite displeased at the amount he had to pay to free Sigzil.[1]

When Hoid's physical description is given him - and other members of Bridge Four by Rock - in a tavern on the Shattered Plains, Sigzil looks troubled, having touched only half of his drink. He stared at it, though when Moash asked him what was wrong, Sigzil made an excuse about being tired.[3]


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