Type Country
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Shin

Shinovar is a country on Roshar, populated by a people known as the Shin. It is separated from the other realms by a mountain range known as the Misted Mountains on its eastern border. Another unknown mountain range lies on its western border. The nation is open to the sea to the north and south.


According to the Stormfather, Shinovar was the land humans were granted when they came to Roshar, and it was the only place the plants of their original native world grew, as it has a very similar geography to the humans' original home world.[citation needed] Whether it was originally this way, or it was changed to accommodate the humans that were granted the land is unknown.

A series of invasions from Shinovar are implied to have happened in the far past. Dalinar speaks of tens of thousands of mounted lancers, at a time when horses were rare or forgotten in the rest of Roshar.[citation needed]


The lands of Shinovar are protected from most highstorms by the Misted Mountains, which shelter the kingdom, causing the highstorms to break apart and fade. Due to this occurrence, Shinovar is the only kingdom in Roshar to have soil.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Valley of Truth - Either a valley in Shinovar or another name for Shinovar itself. It is mentioned by Szeth.[1]
He was not home. There was no place for him in The Valley of Truth.[1]

Flora and FaunaEdit

Further information: Flora, and Fauna

Shinovar is an exception to the predominant Rosharan landscape. Located far to the west within the continent, it benefits from the protection offered by its Mountains' ranges. Shinovar's ecosystem has evolved without the influence of the highstorms and has a very "earth-like" feel.

Here, there is soil; grass that does not retract and which grows in abundance. The plains are dotted with branched, straight-trunked trees that are full of leaves which do not withdraw from the wind.[2]

Here, there are all sorts of animals which are regarded as weird by most of Roshar: horses, chickens, and pigs ... amongst others. These are raised and traded outside of Shinovar, as is the feed for them. There are also shorter, heavier, horse-like animals (possibly cattle) that pull Shin wagons.[2]

Spren do not appear to be found in Shinovar.[citation needed]

An expensive and rare treat out of Shinovar are strawberries, as are chickens.[citation needed]

Shin PhysiologyEdit

The Shin are a race of humans. They have pale skin[3], large round eyes,[4] short statures, and a tendency toward baldness. These features give them a wide-eyed look that, to outsiders from the east, makes them appear to resemble young children.[5] Most in the East also think that the Shin are docile and harmless. Szeth affirms that they are generally right in this assumption.[1]

Shin CharacteristicsEdit

According to Vstim, the Shin people are a little too stable; that they're determined to remain the same despite influences from outside their country. He states that the Shin find fabrials worthless, or unholy, or too holy to use. Further, Vstim states that it is difficult to distinguish among them.[2]

Rysn notes that the Shin treat being humble like Herdazians treat boasting. Vstim insists that she is never to try to cheat the Shin. Further, that she be forthright, tell them the truth, and undervalue her goods, because they will love her for it and pay for it too.[2]

Warriors are at the lowest end of Shin society and are treated like slaves elsewhere.[2]

Shin people aren't plentiful in the East, but one did see them on occasion.[6]

Notable PeopleEdit


  • Shin religion might be based on the people's worship of Cultivation rather than the Almighty.
  • The term "spirits of things" might be the Shin equivalent of something like spren, unlikely as this might be for them.
  • The term "to exist in agony" might be a belief based on the time between Desolations for Heralds.
  • Since the highstorms do not reach Shinovar, and there are no spren there, the spren might be tied to the highstorms.