The Shattering of Adonalsium was the major event to occur within the Cosmere, during which were created - specifically - the 16 Shards, which were taken up by 16 people.[1][2] Hoid was witness to it, though whether he simply observed it or caused it remains in question.[3] Be that as it may, the event was intentional. Whether the intent was malevolent or otherwise also remains in question.[4]

Q&A with BrandonEdit

Q. Did people exist on Nalthis prior to Endowment's arrival there?

A. Some planets had people before the shattering.[5]

Q. Before Adonalsium was shattered, was there magic in the Cosmere and what form did it take?

A. Yes, and when I write Dragonsteel, you shall see the answer to this.[6]


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