Painting by scrapchap[1]

Shardbearer is a term used to refer to a person who holds a Shardblade or Shardplate. A full Shardbearer is a person wielding both Blade and Plate.

Shardbearers are known to be extremely powerful warriors, easily having the strength of several men. They also have increased speed, stamina, and resilience, setting them apart from average soldiers.

They need space to fight; their Blades are so long that hurting one's companions is a very real danger.[1]


Shardbearers wear glistening armor made of smoothly interlocking plates.[2] The plate glows with an even light and glyphs are etched into the metal. They trail a vapor.[3]


Shardbearers are destruction incarnate, the most powerful force on a battlefield.[4] They are considered to be beautiful divinity in battle.[5] They aren't just a force of destruction; they are a force of morale and inspiration. They change battles.[1]


The Way of Kings
Painting by Dixon Leavitt[2]


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