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Sesemalex Dar
Type City
Location Emul, Roshar
Inhabitants Emuli

Sesemalex Dar is a Makabaki city, capital of the kingdom of Emul, and one of the most ancient cities on Roshar. It is at the center of the Eighty's War (i.e., the Emuli-Tukari conflict).[1] The war has been going on for six years at the time of the fall of Vedenar.[2]

Kaladin sees it in his storm vision[3] and later asks Sigzil to describe it.[4]

Lift considers that since the city had been a war zone for basically a billion years, she wasn't likely to ever get to see it.[5]


Sesemalex Dar is built in giant troughs. The particular pattern in which it's designed protects it against highstorms. Each trough has a lip at the side, keeping water from streaming in off the stone plain around it. That, mixed with a drainage system of cracks, protects the city from flooding.[4]

History and Culture[]

It is said that Sesemelex Dar and the entire kingdom of Emul was named by the Herald Jezrien himself.[4] Au-nak believes that it is obviously one of the Dawncities.[1]

The city's pattern is central to the Emuli religion. It is a major waypoint in the southwest, a wondrous place, filled with exotic travelers.[4]

A foreigner can take dinner at any residence he calls upon, assuming he is respectful and offers a gift of fruit. The people are most interested in exotic fruits.[4]

The Emuli legal system is very lenient toward foreigners. A man who is not of their nationality cannot own a home or shop, but when one visits, he is treated as a relative who has traveled from afar, to be shown all kindness and leniency.[4]