Biographical information
Race Parsh
Gender Male
Status Dead
Family Vai (daughter)
Occupation Singer
Appears in Oathbringer

Sah was a singer who had previously been trapped in slaveform. He described it as "living in a fog ... knowing deep in your soul that something is profoundly wrong ... [but] not being able to say a single word to stop it."[1]

He had a mate who was sold to become a breeder because she bore him a healthy daughter.[1]


Sah had red on white marbled skin, like most singers from Alethkar. He usually wore workform with hair strands and dark red beard strands.[2]


He was introspective, but also deeply angry at humanity for keeping him and his people enslaved, as well as scared that they would take away his newfound freedom again.[1][3]


Sah escaped with his daughter from a village near Hearthstone when the Everstorm first passed, and was freed from slaveform when his Connection and Identity were restored. He joined a group led by the singer Khen and the Voidspren Yixli.[1]

With Khen's group, Sah traveled to Revolar with Yixli's guidance,[4] and captured Kaladin along the way.[2] Though Kaladin taught the group how to survive on the run,[3] once he'd left, the Fused accused them of harboring a spy, enslaved them with captive humans,[5] and put them to work hauling lumber.[6] Their treatment angered Sah, as did the removal of his daughter, but he didn't know what to do about it.[5]

Sah and the group were defended by a captive Moash, who later taught them how to fight, because they would be amongst the first to attack Kholinar as part of their punishment.[5][6]

When Sah and the group assaulted the palace, he and Kaladin recognized one another. In the ensuing melee, Sah killed Beard, a member of the Wall Guard, and was killed in turn by Noromin, which was witnessed by Khen.[7][8]


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