Ryshadium are a very large type of horse on Roshar, far superior to any other horseflesh.[1] According to Brandon, there is Investiture involved. They are thick-hooved[2] and choose their own riders.

Ryshadium are linked to the Knights Radiant in some way.[3] Only a dozen men in all of the warcamps on the Shattered Plains were fortunate enough to ride one.

They can be trained and will obey commands, such as "Away" (making them leave the area) even during the heat of battle. They can bear the weight of a Shardbearer easily and can communicate with them. They barely require 'handlers'.[4]

Besides being larger than regular horses, Ryshadium also have a few other unique features. They have stone hooves that are stronger and more durable than a regular horse's hooves, and never need to be trimmed. They also have a large rectangular pupil in the center of each their eyes.[citation needed]


Radiants had Ryshadium, but even kings had little access to ordinary horses.[3]
A man couldn't really understand until he'd had one accept him as a rider. It was like wearing Shardplate, an experience that was completely indescribable.[5]

Known Ryshadium and their RidersEdit

Rider Name of Ryshadium Description
Adolin Sureblood " ... white stallion ... ."[4]
Dalinar Gallant "... a massive black Ryshadium stallion, one of the largest horses that Adolin had ever seen ... ." "... two hands taller and much stronger than an ordinary horse."[4]
Hatham Unnamed "... far superior to any other horseflesh."[1]


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