Roshone's manor in Hearthstone, upon returning there after the passing of the Everstorm, is observed by Kaladin to be somewhat ramshackle. Light shines between boards that had been pounded across the building's windows, replacing glass that the storm had undoubtedly broken. He is surprised that it had survived as well as it had. The porch had been ripped free, but the roof remained.[1]

Along the northern side of the building are the servants' quarters, along with quarters for the parshmen, who had been housed in a small structure built in the manor's shadow, with a single open chamber and benches for sleeping.[1]

As the door of the manor opens, its warped frame grinds against stone and a soldier emerges through it, whom Kaladin allows to bully him into the building.[1]

A side chamber therein is packed with darkeyes sitting on the floor. In fact, townspeople fill the manor, packing every room.[2]

To Kaladin, the manor is familiar. Each step he takes through it is like walking through a memory. There is the dining nook where he'd confronted Rillir and Laral on the night he'd discovered his father was a thief. The hallway beyond, hung with portraits of people he didn't know, is where he'd played as a child. Roshone hadn't changed the portraits.[2]

The soldier walks him along the candlelit hallway, then they pass through the kitchens.[2]

Striding further down the hallway, Kaladin stumbles into the doorway of the parlor. It was transformed into a surgeon’s triage room, with mats laid out on the floor bearing wounded.[2]

The library of the manor is a small room, but neatly organized with rows of shelves and a fine reading stand. Each book there is exactly flush with the others.[3]


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