Biographical information
Race Parsh
Gender Male
Status Alive
Social Information
Aliases Shen
Occupation Spy, Bridgeman
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Rlain (formerly Shen) is a Parshendi who is among Kaladin's group of bridgemen. He is the only Parshendi who sided with the Alethi before the creation of the Everstorm. It is revealed that he was a spy for the Parshendi, using dullform to disguise himself as a parshman. He traveled between warcamps for three years before becoming part of Bridge Four.

Rlain - as Shen - was placed in Bridge Four as an experiment by Hashal to see if parshmen could be trusted to run bridges. The members of Kaladin's crew violently distrusted the parshman, wanting to place him up at the front of the bridge to be hit with an arrow instead of a human bridgeman, but Kaladin refused, giving the parshman the name "Shen" and insisting that he was to be treated as a member of the crew.[1] Rlain was upset when the crew scavenged from dead Parshendi, and even more upset when Kaladin used Parshendi carapace as armor during a bridge run to the point where he ended up being left behind on subsequent runs. He was retrieved from Sadeas's camp and brought with the rest of the bridgemen to Dalinar's camp following Sadeas's betrayal and Bridge Four's rescue of Dalinar.[2]

During the events of Words of Radiance, Rlain is called back to Narak, and gains warform. However, he soon defects from the Parshendi, realizing that the change in Eshonai had corrupted his people. Bridge Four accepts him back, and he helps in the strategy of attacking the Voidbringers.[3]


After his desertion from Bridge Four as Shen, then his return to Bridge Four as Rlain, he wears a reddish skullplate and a Bridge Four tattoo. His features are sharp and muscular, he has a thick neck and a strong jaw, which is now lined with a red and black beard. His voice also has a certain musicality to it.[3]


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