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Roshar - Rira.jpg
Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Riri

Rira is a nation/kingdom on Roshar. To its northwest, north, northeast, east, southeast, and south, it is bordered by the Reshi Sea; to its southwest, by Babatharnam; and to its west, by Iri. There is an unnamed body of water (an enormous lake, perhaps?) between Rira, Babatharnam and Iri, however, which prevents these landmasses from actually touching one another.

Notable Places[]

Evi Kholin spoke of the sunken forests and regretted that she'd never get to see them again.[1]


According to Evi, there are those in Rira who don't care about the One or the Heralds. They say that one shouldn't accept Iriali or Vorin doctrines as their own. But she also said that there are many there who do care.[1]

Notable People[]


Evi and her brother, Toh, are both exiles from Rira.[1]


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