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Reshi Isles
Roshar - Reshi.jpg
Type Nation
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Reshi

The Reshi Isles are a group of islands located on Roshar, though many of them are not actually islands, but island-sized greatshells.[1] They are the world's northernmost land masses, separated from the mainland continent by the Reshi Sea. To their north/northeast, they are bordered by the Steamwater Ocean; to their east, by the Sea and Herdaz; to their south, by the Sea; to their southwest, by the Sea and Rira; to their west, by the Sea and Iri; and to their northwest, by the Endless Ocean.

The Reshi Sea isn't as shallow as the Purelake, but is quite warm most of the time. It is dotted with tropical islands and the occasional greatshell.[2]

Kadrix is the largest in a group of several islands, including Abri, Arak, Sumi and Quili.[3]

Noteable Places[]

  • Kurth is an island city also known as the City of Lightning.[4]


The Reshi people are simply known as 'Reshi' and are a relaxed people. While many Reshi are carefree, many others are not.[5]

The inhabitants of Kadrix rode greatshells.[5]

According to Vstim, whomever amongst the Reshi that a foreigner might meet for a trade, would judge the foreigner as s/he might judge a rival in battle, and to the Reshi, battle is about posturing. Further, he insists that the foreigner must be bold with the Reshi in negotiating a trade.[5]

The Reshi know much of foreigners because so many come to live amongst them.[5]

Island Life[]

Life can be simple in the isles. Outsiders seek it out for this reason. They simply 'go' with an island: fight when it fights another island; relax otherwise.[5]

Notable Visitors[]

  • Ardents Geranid and Ashir live on one of the smaller islands (yet unnamed).[2]
  • Rysn and her babsk, Vstim, traversed the Isles with Vstim's intent that Rysn should learn to broker a trade with the Reshi.[5]
  • Axies the Collector was witnessed by Rysn to be a captive on the isle upon which she and her guards - Kylrm and Nlent - set forth to negotiate and seal the trade Vstim wished of her.[5]


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