Relu-na is the god of the Reshi Isles, the greatshell.[1]


Its shell is crusted with lichen and small rockbuds.[1]

It has deep ledges between pieces of its shell. From afar, it looks like it has sharp peak mountains, which is not what one would expect from an island in a world with highstorms. The peaks probably grow continuously as part of the shell of the 'god'.

(Its shape probably resembles that of a lobster, with a head and a neck unlike a crab, and although readers are not told explicitly, it probably has claws being that the islands can fight each other.)

Its eyes are as big as a house, and of full black with no white.[1]


According to Talik, Relu-na approves of boldness and, more importantly, respect.[1]

Present DayEdit

Rysn believes that Relu-na is impressive, but that the Reshi people cannot make everything they need for themselves. Given the argument that then ensues between Rysn, Talik, Talik's father, and Talik's mother, Rysn invokes that Relu-na appreciates boldness and then decides to speak with the one being who has more authority than the heir apparent, and the King and Queen of the Reshi Isles: Relu-na itself. She grabs a length of rope and slides down to somewhere above the god's eye, then speaks to him:[1]

"O great Relu-na ... your people refuse to trade with me, and so I come to you to beg. Your people need what I have brought, but I need a trade even more. I cannot afford to return." [1]

Relu-na did not reply while Rysn hung in place beside its shell. Talik stated that the King had commanded that she return and she asked of Relu-na just what it thought:

"And what do you think?" she asked softly.

Down below, the thing bit down, and the rope suddenly became very tight, slapping Rysn against the side of the enormous head. [1]

The rope snaps and Rysn falls ... but she sees the god's eye, a glimpse as she passes, large as a house, glassy and black, reflecting her falling form.[1]