Religion on Roshar is manifest in a variety of faiths, and differing concepts and entities are worshipped by different cultures and peoples.


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Much of the world follows the Vorin religion. Vorinism tells of a struggle between forces of the Voidbringers and humanity. The Voidbringers forced humanity out of its afterlife, called the Tranquiline Halls. Vorin peoples believe that when one dies, s/he continues in the role s/he was in, but toward the regaining of the Tranquiline Halls. In Alethkar, a man's highest calling is as a warrior in life so he can be a warrior in the afterlife. The religion also tells of the Lost Radiants, an order that once fought against the Voidbringers during the wars on Roshar known as Desolations. "Lost Radiants" is the name that Vorinism gave the Knights Radiant after they apparently betrayed humanity in the distant past. The deity of the Vorin religion is the Almighty.[1] Those who reject the existence of the Almighty are referred to as heretics. The priests of the Vorin religion are referred to as ardents. There are many different Devotaries of Vorinism, which vary greatly in their interpretation of the beliefs.

Stone ShamanismEdit

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Stone Shamanism refers to beliefs and practices followed by the Shin people, who consider it profane to walk on stone or use Stormlight for everyday illumination.[2]


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The Parshendi had been a united people who'd rejected their gods and sought freedom in obscurity.[3] Unfortunately, they sent Szeth - a Shin Truthless - to assassinate the then King of Alethkar (i.e., Gavilar), because they'd feared the return of their gods with his intervention in their society.[4][5][6]

God BeyondEdit

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The God Beyond, or the Unknown God, is a god that is worshipped on multiple Shardworlds.[7][8][9] It is a belief of the people in a greater god of the cosmere beyond entities like Shards.[10]


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