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Peter Ahlstrom
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Born November 26, 1976
Education Brigham Young University
Occupation Editorial Assistant, Dragonsteel Entertainment

Peter Ahlstrom is the longtime and invaluable assistant of Brandon Sanderson. Fans of Brandon's body of work know him as the 'right hand man' of the author. But Peter is far more than that; he is involved in virtually every aspect - in some way - of the writing, editing, finalizing, promoting, and verifying of 'factual information' within the cosmere books and Brandon's other works.

It is upon Peter that many fans have come to rely for 'information' with regard to specific issues concerning the cosmere. He is indeed an indirect artist of The Stormlight Archive (and the cosmere) in his own right.

Peter Ahlstrom was in Brandon's class at BYU, taught by fantasy novelist Dave Wolverton. New York bestselling author Dan Wells also attended. Peter later went on to work at Tokyo Pop as an editor before Brandon hired him away.

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