Pancakes in Yeddaw, according to Lift, are filled with things cooked into them, supposed to be super tasty, and eaten by the people of the city during the Weeping.[1]

There are ten varieties of them, and she intends to steal one variety of each.[1]


  • One type is known as a Sun Day pancake.[2]
  • A second type, as described by Hauka, is known as a Tuk-cake, eaten for prosperity in the year to come.[2]
  • A third is salty, with chopped-up vegetables.[3]
  • A fourth tastes sweet.[3]
  • A fifth is fluffy, almost without substance to it, though with a kind of sauce in which to dip it.[3]
  • A sixth is dense, with mashed-up paste in the center that is sticky and salty.[4]
  • A seventh is covered in little crunchy seeds.[4]
  • An eighth has sugar in the center.[4]
  • A ninth has a real thick, almost mealy texture.[5]
  • The tenth is dedicated to Tashi. As described by Ghenna, it is more a thought than a real entity.[5]
"We bake nine, and leave the last in memory of Him."

–Ghenna to Lift[5]


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