Biographical information
Ethnicity Herdazian
Nationality Alethi
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Physical Description
Hair Color Curly dark
Eye Color Dark
Appears in Words of Radiance

Palona is a Herdazian woman who is mistress to Sebarial and head of his household, yet refuses to marry him. She affectionately calls Sebarial 'Turi', which he hates and she is not the first 'stray' whom Sebarial has brought home, though she did end up staying.[1]


Palona is a darkeyed woman of short stature with fingernails that have a rocklike cast to them. She wears fine clothing, indicating that she is not a servant.[1]


She welcomes Shallan into Sebarial's warcamp on the Shattered Plains and leads her to a set of rooms that are described as " ... all white, and richly furnished, the hard stone walls and floors softened with silk hangings and thick rugs."[1]

Further, Palona arranges housing for Shallan's soldiers and slaves, plus something productive for them to do, and for their payment to come out of Shallan's stipend from Sebarial. She also arranges for Shallan to have a maid, who is also to be paid from Shallan's stipend.[1]

Once Sebarial agrees to accompany Dalinar and his army onto the Shattered Plains to fight the Parshendi and seek the Oathgate, Palona accompanies him by carriage for the war procession.[2] During the ensuing fighting, they both sit beneath a canopy drinking wine and eating fruit. Palona even reads a book.[3]


Shallan - Welcoming her into Sebarial's manor encourages trust between them. Having sorted through Sebarial's finances, ready to present him with a set of relatively neat books, Shallan slips a copy of of one of her pages about Urithiru - its potential riches, and its connection to the Shattered Plains - in amongst the other reports she sends to Palona.[4]

At the bottom, she wrote, "Among Jasnah Kholin's notes are these indications of something valuable hidden out on the Shattered Plains. Will keep you informed of my discoveries." [4]


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