Ol' White-hair
Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Appears in Arcanum Unbounded, Edgedancer

Ol' White-hair is a man whom Lift misses and describes as being crazy as a box full of minks.[1]

Wyndle asks her if this isn't the self-same man who got himself intentionally swallowed by a Marabethian greashell, to which she replies in the positive.[1]

She likes to pretend that he hadn't gotten eaten. Apparently, he'd winked at her as he'd jumped into the creature's gaping maw, thereby shocking the crowd.[1]


According to Lift, the man thought that one couldn't be crass, so long as one was talking about art. Then, she says, one was being element. Further, that's why it was okay to hang pictures of naked ladies in a palace.[1]


Ol' White-hair may be Wit: In the Epilogue to Words of Radiance Jasnah demands, "Tell me what you know, Wit." Wit replies, "I once spent the better part of a year inside of a large stomach, being digested."[2]


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