An Oathstone binds a Shin to whomever holds it and commits him/her to its holder's wishes.


In the Shin culture, those who add are to be revered; great people create food and clothing.[1]. Those who take away - warriors - those who kill - are considered the lowliest of Shin; they are traded and sold between houses, like slaves.[2]

Men trade and sell them between houses by way of little stones that signify ownership, and any man who picks up a weapon must join them and be treated the same.[2]

Some believe these stones to be Oathstones. Whether these are in fact the same, Szeth son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, has an Oathstone which is currently being held by Taravangian and he is apparently honor-bound to do anything that the holder of his Oathstone requires of him.[1] This Oathstone is a sphere-sized chunk of rock with a few quartz crystals set into it and a rusty vein on one side.[3]

Some dispute that these are actually Oathstones because ordinary soldiers cannot be sold to an outsider, though this, according to Thresh, is to be a result of Szeth being named Truthless.[2]


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