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This page lists the point-of-view characters within Oathbringer (i.e., those character perspectives through which the story is told).

Character Number of Chapters
Dalinar 47
Shallan 40
Kaladin 34
Venli 12
Adolin 11
Szeth 9
Navani 8
Moash 7
Jasnah 6
Teft 5
Renarin 4
Lift 3
Taravangian 3

The rest of POV characters had one chapter or very small parts of a chapter: Wit, Eshonai, Rock, Lopen, Skar, Rysn, Sigzil, Palona, Puuli, Mem, Shalash, Ellista, Kaza, Gawx, Sheler, Rlain.