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Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Died Heraldic Epochs
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light blue
Social Information
Aliases Nohadon the Peacemaker,
Title(s) King of Alethela
Occupation King
Appears in The Way of Kings

Nohadon was a king of Alethela during the Heraldic Epochs and one of most influential writers on Roshar, having written the The Way of Kings.

King Nohadon witnessed the destruction brought by a Desolation on his kingdom, Alethela, which lost its best men. There was barely a family left there that hadn't lost half its members.[1] During Dalinar's flashback/vision, it is mentioned that "9 of 10" people were lost during the Desolation.

During Dalinar's flashback interaction with Nohadon, the man's name is never specifically mentioned, though Dalinar knows that he speaks the much younger version of the ancient king. In the vision, Dalinar takes the place of one of Nohadon's close advisors and friends who only has one arm.*

The young Nohadon is reluctant to write his thoughts down and mentions to Dalinar that he should write it for him since he is the only man who can write still left among his friends. Dalinar is shocked that a man of this time would be able to read and write since it is a female art in the current age.

Nohadon believed that with each Desolation mankind was getting a step closer to destruction, instead of getting better at resisting them. He belived that their own natures were destroying them and that they should encourage them to become more responsible, better.[1] Nohadon has become known as the Peacemaker, after unifying or working toward unifying the Silver Kingdoms.

At the end of his life, Nohadon wrote The Way of Kings, which was used as a guideline for the Knights Radiant, and more recently by King Gavilar, then later by his brother, Dalinar.

Nohadon is his holy name. Others call him Bajerden, though we remain uncertain as to whether that was actually his real name.

–Dalinar to Sadeas[2]

Shallan said that she had read through the complete works of Nohadon.[3]


* It should be noted that Dalinar can still feel both of his own limbs even though the man in the vision had only one. Further, might there be some radical inference here to Lopen in present day Roshar?


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