Nimbleform has a delicate touch.
Gave the gods this form to many,
Tho'once defied, by the gods they were crushed.
This form craves precision and plenty.

–From the Listener Song of Listing, 27th stanza[1]

Though good for many delicate activities, Nimbleform does not have great endurance.[2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Nimbleform has only been known to the Parshendi for the last three years. It's a general form that is lithe and careful. It is suited to fine motor skills and capable of scholarship.[3] It is used when caring for young and doing work that requires dexterity. Few were spared this form, though it was more skilled at art.[3] In Nimbleform, females have hairstrands and hints of breasts.

Transformation ProcessEdit

The processes for this form have not been revealed.


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