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Silver Kingdoms.jpg
Map of the Silver Kingdoms
Type Kingdom/Theocracy
Location South-eastern Roshar
Destroyed Era of Solitude

Natanatan, the Granite Kingdom, was one of the Silver Kingdoms in south-eastern Roshar. It fell sometime after the Day of Recreance.

One of Dalinar's visions takes place in Natanatan, during the Eighth Epoch, three thirty-seven.[1]


Natanatan was founded prior to or during the Heraldic Epochs, yet was one of the Epoch Kingdoms, organized by the Heralds for divine purposes.[2] During the years after the Day of Recreance, when the Knights Radiant abandoned mankind, a strong alliance emerged among the kingdoms of eastern Roshar: Natanatan, Alethkar (formerly Alethela), Jah Keved (formerly Valhav), and Kharbranth (once part of Thalath). United by religion, they were known as the Vorin kingdoms.[3] Presumably the strength of the Vorin alliance led to the rise of the Ardentia and the Hierocracy, and thus to the second major failure of Vorinism. The kingdom fell sometime after.

Though the kingdom had fallen centuries ago, the land that had once been Natanatan is still often referred to by its original name.[1] Natanatan used to occupy the south-eastern area of Roshar. Today, the area known as New Natanan is built on a peninsula on the coast of the Ocean of Origins. Southern Natanatan is part of an area known as the Frostlands, and northern Natanatan covers the southern ranges of the Unclaimed Hills, and the Shattered Plains, where the Alethi wage a war of vengeance against the Parshendi. The native Natanatans are not involved in this conflict.[4]


Unlike the distant past of which legends speak where untamed highstorms ruled supreme,[5] today the land is mostly uninhabited, unexplored and comprised by desolate plains and overgrown forests. [5]

Wit exclaims that if one had lived back then, one would have viewed the east as a place of great culture, not an empty wasteland.[6]


The Natan people had pale bluish skin, wide noses, and wool-like white hair.[7] Their men wore gloves.[8]

According to Wit in his story of Queen Tsa, the Natan people were blessed with grand poise and beauty.[6]

Tsa had wanted to spend one day in the heavens, to know Nomon for a night. She later gave birth to a son with pale blue skin, the color of Nomon himself. A son born of the gods, who would lead her people to glory. A son who bore the mantle of the heavens.[6]

That is why to this day, the people of Natanatan have skin of a faintly blue shade.[6]


They followed the Vorin religion.[citation needed]

After the fall of Natanatan, Alethi expeditions into the lands encountered natives speaking an unfamilar language and had to use translators to communicate. They would exchange gifts of food for directions toward the hunting grounds of greatshells.[7]

Again, according to Wit, the Natan people were famous across all of Roshar.[6]

The Natans were never fond of the moon Mishim, but rather revered the great Nomon.[6]