Nale's underlings are addressed by him as follows:

"Your excuses do not befit those who would join our order. If you would earn the trust of your spren, and take the step from initiate to Shardbearer, you must dedicate yourselves. You must prove your worth."[1]

Further, he insists that ...

" ... we must be careful not to be distracted by petty crimes. I realize that it can be difficult to remain focused when confronted by a fracture of the codes that bind society. Remember that greater matters, and greater crimes, must be our primary concern."[1]

Nale tells them that the Surgebinder who is their quarry will make mistakes, that they will break the law.[1]

"You will find the Surgebinder, you will discover their sins, and you will bring them judgment."[1]

The two salute him, and the room darkens. The woman begins glowing with a phantom light, and she blushes, looking sheepishly toward Nale, expressing that she has an investigation in progress. The man declares that he has a lead too, and that he'll have the information that night for certain.[1]

Nale insists that they work together, that this is not a competition. That it is a test to measure competence.[1]

"I'm giving you until sunset, but after that I can wait no longer. Now that others have begun arriving, the risk is too great. At sunset, I will deal with the issue myself."[1]


They are described as being uniformed in black and white, with swords at their waists.[1]

The male is described as appearing as a Makabaki, and, according to Lift, with a round, goofish face.[1]

The female is described as appearing with skin a shade lighter. Again, according to Lift, she looks like she might be Reshi, particularly with her long dark hair that she keeps in a tight braid. She has a square face, strong shoulders, and way too small a nose. Like she'd sold her's off to buy some new shoes, and was using one she'd dug out of the trash as a replacement.[1]

Both wear uniforms with high boots, stiff Eastern jackets, and large-cuffed gloves. Lift describes them as imposing, like generals on a field.[2]

The WomanEdit

She is responsible for the hiring of Bidlel to investigate strange occurrences in Yeddaw in effort to root out a Radiant there.[3][2]

Outside the Grand Indicium, she takes a sphere from her pocket, holds it up before her, and sucks in the light. It streams into her, and she starts to glow with Stormlight.[4]

Then she rises into the air as her companion rises up beside her.[4]

She looks down toward the landing at Szeth and asks him if he's coming with them, which he declines to do.[4]

She tells Szeth that he is never going to make it into the order at this rate.[4]

The ManEdit

When asked by the woman whether he was in the guard, he replies that things work differently in Yezier. Further, he states that in Yeddaw, everyone is too coy. That they should say what they mean. That his Tashikki street informant's job was to be perfectly clear.[2]

While in the air, he shrugs toward his companion after Szeth has declined to join them. The two of them rise higher, then shoot out across the city, avoiding the inconvenience of traveling through the trenches.[4]

The PairEdit

Both are initiate Skybreakers and, by means unknown, were killed by Arclo, wrongly thinking him to be the Surgebinder Nale had singled out.[5]


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