Mishim is described to be small and green - the final moon - rising in the east of Roshar.[1] It is also the third and slowest of the moons.[2]

Mishim is known to easterners (i.e., non-Shin peoples) as the 'third' moon. They also consider Mishim (and all three Rosharan moons) to be male.[citation needed]

The Shin consider Mishim to be female and 'she' is known in Shinovar as 'Third Sister'.[3]

According to Wit ...

"Everyone knows that Mishim is the cleverest of the three moons. Though her sister and brother are content to reign in the sky - gracing the lands below with their light - Mishim is always looking for a chance to escape her duty."[2]


It has been speculated that Mishim seems to correspond to one of the three Shards on Roshar, Cultivation.


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