Biographical information
Ethnicity Tashikki
Nationality Tashikki
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family Mother
Appears in Arcanum Unbounded, Edgedancer

Mik is a young boy who is left at Tashi's Light Orphanage, presumably by his mother. Lift approaches him and attempts to console him, but he doesn't respond to her compassion.[1]

The Stump looks the two of them over, and - after accosting Lift - kneels beside Mik, who is shortly thereafter taken by the arm by a boy whom Lift had seen earlier, and led into the orphanage.[1]

Later, outside the orphanage, after food has been distributed, Mik pokes Lift in her arm and points at her half-eaten clemabread roll. She gives it to him and he eats eagerly.[2]

He converses haltingly with her, asking about his mother, then gives her his name when she asks it of him.[2]

Then, the Stump thinks he's faking it to get food. She claims that he's no idiot, that he's pretending. Mik blinks, dazed, as if trying to follow the conversation.[2]

He confesses to Lift that he misses his mother.[2]

Still, the Stump allows him re-entry to the orphanage, but with a displeased eye.[2]

Later, Lift encounters Mik again, but doesn't remember healing him.[3]

Eventually, Mik's mother comes to collect him. Lift overhears the conversation between her and the Stump.[4]


Mik is initially described by Lift as being ten or eleven years old. He is sightless, looking at her with glazed eyes, and he drools. He has a scar on his head, healed mostly, but angry red. Still, the hair hasn't grown back on that side of his head.[1]

Later, she describes him as a lean boy with his head shaved.[2]

Later still, she observes that he has a scar on his face, but that he's no longer drooling or talking like an idiot.[3]


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