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Type Country
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Marati?

Marat is a small country on Roshar. It is bordered to the northeast by Greater Hexi; to the north by the valley (a mountain range said to be that within which the Nightwatcher might exist);[1] to the northwest by Emul; to the southwest by Tukar; and, to the south by the Southern Depths.

Historically, Marat isn't truly a nation - but neither is it a place of nomads, like the backwaters of Greater Hexi and Tu Fallia. Instead, Marat is a group of loosely connected cities, tribally run, with a highprince at their head - though in the local dialect, he is called "elder brother."[2]

The country makes for a convenient waystop between the Vorin kingdoms of the east and the Makabaki ones of the center west. Szeth knows that Marat is rich in culture, full of people as proud as one could find in any nation - but of almost no value on the political scale.[2]


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