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Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Marabethi

Marabethia is a nation/kingdom on Roshar. To its north, it is bordered by the Reshi Sea; to the east, by Tu Bayla; to the south, by The Purelake; and the to the west, by Babatharnam.


The Marabethian people are known for their great fondness for debate. At each intersection in the city they have small pedestals on which a man can stand and proclaim his arguments. It is said that everyone in Marabethia carries a pouch with an overripe fruit just in case they pass a proclaimer with whom they disagree.[1]

In Marabethia, condemned criminals are offered either an execution or they can become bait for a week for a local species of greatshell by being dangled over a seaside cliff near the water at high tide, with a cut sliced in each cheek; if they survive they can go free. None do.[1]

"You have eyes of red and blue" is a Marabethian saying for someone who refuses to see the truth of a situation. Red for the blood dripping; blue for the water. It is said that these two things are all the condemned criminals hanged as bait see. Usually they are attacked within one day. And yet, most still wish to take that chance. They prefer the false hope.[1]