Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Status Dead
Physical Description
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Dark brown, near black
Occupation Bridgeman
Appears in The Way of Kings

Maps was a bridgeman in Bridge Four. Everyone called him Maps because of the birthmark on his chest that he claimed to be an exact map of Alethkar. He was good at making people feel at ease and had shown Kaladin kindness on his first day as a bridgeman.[1][2]

Maps was the bridgeman who presented Rock with the crew's gift of a straight razor - plus a piece of polished steel for a mirror, beard soap, and a leather strap for sharpening - to thank Rock for making stew for the crew each night.[1]


Maps was a flat-faced fellow with a bushy beard and thick eyebrows. He was bald.[1]


As a member of Bridge Four, initially he was downhearted like all the other bridgemen. In time, he became much more friendly and involved, getting the other bridgemen talking.[1][3] He died during one of the bridge runs.

His last words :

"And all the world was shattered!" Maps yelled, back arching, eyes wide, flecks of red spittle on his cheeks. "The rocks trembled with their steps, and the stones reached toward the heavens. We die! We die!" [4]


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