Shallan's Sketchbook: Mandras
Drawing by Ben McSweeney

Mandras move with a sinuous grace, but unlike skyeels (according to Shallan), they don't seem to really need to obey any rules of physics.[1]

Their wings move in a regular rhythm, but said wings do not appear to be their source of either locomotion or lift.[1]


Mandras appear to come in a variety of sizes.[1]

The shape of the head of a mandras is exactly the same as that of the luckspren that can be found accompanying greatshells.[1]


Shallan is sure it's no coincidence that the mandras are the same as those spren beside skyeels.[1]


The process by which sailors steer, again according to Shallan, is incredible to watch. Each mandra is harnessed with a ring of pulleys on each side. To steer in the desired direction, the pulley's ropes are shortened on the corresponding side and then retired to the cleats on the ship's railing.[1]


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