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Biographical information
Ethnicity Bav
Nationality Bav
Gender Male
Status Dead
Occupation Criminal
Appears in The Way of Kings

Makkek was a darkeyed thief on Roshar who became Szeth's master for a short time.[1]

He began to believe the rumors about Szeth, which were populated with tales of holes cut through stone and dead men with burned eyes. He hadn't demanded that Szeth relinquish his Shardblade though.[1]

Still, the more successful Szeth was, the more audacious Makkek became. Szeth wondered just how long before he stopped using Szeth to kill minor rivals, and instead sent him to kill Shardbearers or powerful lighteyes. How long before someone made the connection. A Shin assassin with a Shardblade, capable of mysterious feats and extreme stealth.[1]

Makkek could draw the Alethi king and highprinces away from their war on the Shattered Plains and bring them crashing down upon Jah Keved. Thousands would die. Blood would fall like the rain of a highstorm — thick, pervasive, destructive.[1]

However, he was eventually killed by a mysterious man over the possession of Szeth's Oathstone for Taravangian.[1]


He had pudgy cheeks.[1]