Biographical information
Ethnicity Herdazian
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinding (Squire)
Social Information
Title(s) The Lopen,
Bridge Four Assistant Quartermaster
Family Punio (cousin), Chilinko (uncle), Unnamed woman (mother),
Rod (cousin)
Occupation Bridgeman (formerly), Squire
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Lopen is a Herdazian bridgeman in Bridge Four. Unable to carry bridges, he makes himself useful to his bridge crew by carrying waterskins for them on bridge runs and aiding in the surgery and post-battle first-aid delivered by Kaladin. He apparently has many cousins that can be called on to do favors.


Lopen is a slender man, and is startlingly easy to lift.[1] He originally had one arm until his surgebinding abilities restored his missing arm.[2]


Lopen has a nonchalant attitude,[3] yet thinks highly of himself. He remains a willing helper, a positive thinker, has an upbeat outlook, and gives ridiculous pieces of advice.[4]

"You're a very special kind of weird, Lopen."

"Of course I am, gon. There's only one of me." [4]

Lopen is also extremely humorous and can deliberately sound obtuse in order to get a rise out of another. He can talk rings about most men who demean Herdazians, about whom are most of his jokes. He finds those jokes extra funny.[4] First and foremost, he claims that he is an expert on one-armed Herdazian jokes.[1]


Even though he is a Herdazian and, technically, a practitioner of Vorinism (albeit a brand unique to Herdaz), Lopen doesn't seem to be bothered by a man writing. He is excited by the potential that the absorption of Stormlight offers Kaladin (recorded by Sigzil in glyphs) as members of Bridge Four conduct experiments with Kaladin's abilities.[1]

However, Lopen doesn't like the inclusion of Shen into Bridge Four because he's concerned about just how he perceives that Shen stares at him.[5]

At the end of Words of Radiance, Lopen becomes able to absorb Stormlight, though he is not a Surgebinder, and it has been hinted that he is a squire to Kaladin, along with his fellow bridgemen. After managing to absorb Stormlight, he was able to regrow his missing limb.[2]

According to Teft, other members of Bridge Four have also absorbed Stormlight. This is because Kaladin unconsciously made them his squires, giving them the abilities to absorb Stormlight but not Surgebind.[2] As stated in Words of Radiance, there were 16 Windrunners, but they each had many squires.[6]


Throughout Words of Radiance, a number of Lopen's cousins appear to join Bridge Four. The first to be noticed by Kaladin is Punio.[7]

After the assassination attempt on King Elhokar,[8][9] Kaladin had the King removed to the home of Lopen's uncle in Little Herdaz - technically in Highprince Sebarial's warcamp - where Lopen's mother also resides, as do two of his strongest cousins.[2]

Rod was also one of Lopen's cousins: a jovial Herdazian who barely spoke Alethi that Kaladin hadn't really known and who was killed by the Parshendi.[2]


"Ha! Hey, Chilinko, come back here, I need to stick you to the wall!"

– Lopen to his uncle, after he sucked in Stormlight[2]


It was asked of Brandon on Facebook why Kaladin retains his slave brands even after his transformation. Brandon responded that it depends on how Kaladin envisions himself. Given this, it can be extrapolated that Lopen is particularly stubborn about just how he "should be".


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